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IR Over Coax Injector/Receiver

IR Over Coax Injector/Receiver

  • CAT.NO: AR1825
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IR Over Coax Injector/Receiver
An Infra-red repeater system that is cost effective and simple to use. Simply integrates in-line with your existing coaxial cable wiring via F connectors. The IR injector will send the signals through the coax cable to a maximum distance of 150m. The IR receiver has provision for 2 transmitters for multi-component control. It could be used as a simple IR repeater or an elaborate multi-room repeater system. Suitable IR receiver AR-1819, transmitters AR-1811 & AR-1813 and mains power supply MP-3147.

IR Over Coax Coupler/Transmitter Cat AR-1824
IR Over Coax Injector/Receiver Cat AR-1825
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0.2275 l

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0.07 kg

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1 pc

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10 cm

Packaged Width

6.5 cm

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3.5 cm

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0.321 l

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