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Articles & Guides

Present, accounted for...
Gift Cards

Top 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Gift Cards

Spoil yourself with what you really wanted this festive season: our top 10 list will have you bursting with ideas for how to spend your gift cards

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The Eyes Have It
Sound & Video

Unlocking Visual Power: Insights into 4k and HD Eyesight

The sheer visual intensity of this ultra-HD format must be seen to be believed.

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AV Sender
Sound & Video

AV Senders: Effortless Multi-Room Entertainment Solution

An AV sender wirelessly streams audio and video signals from a source device to a receiving device. It provides convenient connectivity without the hassle of cables.

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Memory & Media

Turn Your HDMI TV Smart: Explore Endless Features & Apps

When the internet is crawling because everyone is working from home, why not kick back and play Candy Crush on your TV?

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Sound & Video

5 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Lighting with Smart Bulbs

Learn about smart lights' advantages and diverse applications, enhancing energy efficiency, convenience, and ambiance in modern living spaces.

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Sound & Video

Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Headphones

Learn about headphones from Jaycar - the experts in audio technology. Get the latest information on the best headphones for your needs.

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3 simple machines you can make with an electric motor
Motors, Servos & Solenoids

DIY Power: Create 3 Easy Machines Using an Electric Motor

Surveillance video installations have long required dedicated video wiring and power supplies. While there are still some advantages to this approach, an NVR might just be the right option for you. CABLES

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Speaker Engagement
Sound & Video

Boomboxes Unleashed: Your Portable Music Powerhouse

Enhance public speaking skills, captivate audiences, and deliver impactful speeches using effective techniques for better engagement.

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Best Repair Compounds
Tape & Adhesives

Top Compounds for DIY Electronic Repair: Save Big Bucks with These Must-Haves

Overcome DIY repair challenges with three fantastic patch and repair compounds, handling various materials with ease and precision.

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Network Video Recording - NVR

Level up Your Arduino Projects: Explore Advanced Hardware Shields

If you're getting 'board' of the simpler modules available for Arduino, sink your teeth into more advanced hardware

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Music Players

About Music Recording Gear

Learn about the latest music recording gear from Jaycar. Get tips and advice on the best recording equipment for your needs.

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Network Video Recording - NVR
Security & Surveillance

Upgrade Your Surveillance System with Network Video Recording (NVR)

Surveillance video installations have long required dedicated video wiring and power supplies. While there are still some advantages to this approach, an NVR might just be the right option for you. CABLES

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Choose the Right UPS

Maximize Uptime: Choosing the Perfect UPS for Home or Office

Ensure uninterrupted power with a guide on choosing the right uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your specific needs.

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Weather Stations

Unlocking Weather Wisdom: A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Your Own Home Weather Station

Gain valuable meteorological data with weather stations, empowering you to monitor and analyze weather conditions effectively.

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Power Inverter Selection Chart
DC-AC Inverters

Power Inverter Selection Chart | Find the Right Inverter for Your Needs

We stock a wide range of inverters, from low cost modified sinewave types to pure sinewave models to power high power appliances or sensitive devices.

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You're never too old to learn
Kits, Science & Learning

Lifelong Learning Unlocked: An Educational Resources for All Ages

Whether you're keen to try a new hobby or simply tired of paying professionals to do simple repairs, upskilling is easier than you might think

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Office Gadgets

Upgrade Your Home Office Tech: Discover Cooler Computer Hardware at Jaycar

Take working from home to the next level with computer hardware that’s much cooler than the standard-issue gear you’d have in an average office.

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Battery Charger Selection Guide
Battery Chargers

Discover the Perfect Battery Charger for Your Needs

As you can see, we stock a wide range of battery chargers for all kinds of battery types and sizes.

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It’s hip to be squared
Digital Multimeters

Understanding RMS: Exploring its Role in Audio Amplifiers and Mains Power

How is it that RMS is used to describe both audio output and mains power?

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Network Extenders

Boost Your Signal: The Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Seamless Connectivity

WI-FI Extenders

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