Plug & play

Check out our top 5 list of converters and interfaces to save you money or save the day

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Thrill of the trace

They may inspire a sense of wonder and mystery, but oscilloscopes are fascinating and not that complicated once you get to know them

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Go, go, gadgets!

Discover five fantastic innovations you never knew you can't live without

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Low-power living

Take your off-grid adventures to new heights with this top 10 list of 12V brilliance

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Vision statement

Discover what all the fancy-sounding features of a sophisticated Wi-Fi security camera are actually good for

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Light bulb moment

The humble fixture we're all familiar with has received a smart new makeover for the 21st century

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Results may vary

Discover how different environmental factors can cause changes in resistance

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Sound at the speed of light

Use optical TOSLINK connections for unparalleled audio fidelity

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Get your motor runnin'

Bring a classic car up to speed with the 21st century using these tech essentials

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Sensor achievements

Get readings on everything from your gas bottle to your fish tank with these ingenious devices

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Warm reception

When it comes to TV antennas, do you know your Yagi from your phased array?

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Motion aside

Ever wondered why a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor is so good at detecting movement?

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What's the deal with HDMI?

It's the most popular display connection format currently available, but do you know how it works… or even what it stands for?

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Face the music

Becoming a recording artist is much easier than you might think with this awesome audio tech

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Super vision

When working with electronics, we often need to see more than what’s visible with the naked eye

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Game of drones

They're popular, affordable and fun to fly, but are you using them legally?

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Surge of interest

Ever wondered how a simple power board can protect your expensive electronics from power surges?

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Unsung heroes of the workbench

Most of us are familiar with third hands and DMMs, but fusible silicone tape or freeze spray?

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The ears have it

Feeling snowed under by all the varieties and jargon, when all you want is a good pair of headphones?

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Ever wondered about the difference between a trail cam and an action cam?

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You're never too old to learn

Whether you're keen to try a new hobby or simply tired of paying professionals to do simple repairs, upskilling is easier than you might think

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Shield appeal

If you're getting 'board' of the simpler modules available for Arduino, sink your teeth into more advanced hardware

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Leading the charge

Maximise the service life of a deep-cycle battery by recharging it smarter, not harder

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Phase value

What is induced noise, and how is it 'cleaned away' from data or audio being sent through a cable?

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We have opened our first concept store...

The new Jaycar flagship store is open and it is unlike any other Jaycar store you have ever seen.

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This is it... A look into our flagship store and maker hub

A traditional retail store with modern collaborative maker spaces dedicated to the electronics enthusiast. It's Jaycar like you've never seen us before.

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