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Adjustable DC-DC Converter

Adjustable DC-DC Converter

  • CAT.NO: AA0218
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Adjustable DC-DC Converter
This handy unit will give an output from 3V to 15V DC@ 1.5A from an input of 6-28V DC, 2 odd amps. (The input voltage only has to be 3V higher than the output volts). The output voltage is regulated and short circuit protected. Will need modest heatsink for large voltage differentials.
* Measures 58 x 45 x 20mm.
* Ideal to run 6V stuff from 12V.
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0.483138 l

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0.134 kg

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1 pc

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Blister Pack - Single

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12 cm

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11.5 cm

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3.501 cm

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0.576 l

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