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Ultrasonic Antifouling Kit for Boats

Ultrasonic Antifouling Kit for Boats

  • CAT.NO: KC5535
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Ultrasonic Antifouling Kit for Boats
Assembly Required
1 Year Warranty
Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine May/June 2017 
This is an improved design from our popular kit (KC5498) from 2010 that helps reduce marine growth on the boat hull up to 8m. This new design has a second channel option (KC5536) for larger boats up to 14m, soft-start feature, low current drain during shut-down and LED & Neon operation indicators.

• Suitable for boats up to 14m (up to 8m with one transducer).
• Ideal for boats with single-skin glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or fibreglass, steel, aluminium or concrete hulls.
• Powered by the boat’s 12V battery.
• Adjustable low-battery shut-down
• Very low current drain during shut-down
• Soft-start feature reduces surge current.
• LED indicators for power, low battery or fault.
• Neon indicators for ultrasonic drive operation.

• Operating supply voltage: 11-16V DC
• Average current drain: typically 320mA for one transducer, 640mA for two transducers
• Peak current: 2A
• Output frequency range: 19.08kHz to 41.66kHz in 14 bands
• Frequency steps: 12 steps in each band; 80Hz steps at 20kHz increasing to 344Hz steps at 40kHz
• Signal burst period: 1000 cycle bursts ~600ms at 20kHz and ~300ms at 40kHz
• Burst interval period: between 300ms and 600ms
• Dual transducer drive: alternate
• Transducer drive voltage: 250VAC (about 700V peak-to-peak)
• Low-battery cut-out threshold: adjustable from 0-15V
• Low-battery cut-in threshold: 0-2.5V above cut-out threshold
• Low-battery shut-down quiescent current: 170uA
• Power-up delay: 30 seconds

Kit includes all specified parts to make a single channel version for boats up to 8m, including one transducer. 

To make it into a Dual Channel purchase add-on Kit KC5536 (Add-on Second Channel with Transducer)

Kit Form

Full Form (circuit and enclosure)



Additional optional items

Second channel

Kit Group

General Projects

Frequency Scale

Scale min

40 Hz

Scale max

20 kHz

Scale units

Type 0

Scale resolution

0 Hz

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80 mm


80 mm


80 mm

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171 mm


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121 mm

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7.125 l

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2.06 kg

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25 cm

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19 cm

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15 cm

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