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UHF/VHF Masthead Amp with Signal Meter

UHF/VHF Masthead Amp with Signal Meter

  • CAT.NO: LT3278

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UHF/VHF Masthead Amp with Signal Meter
1 Year Warranty
The main feature of this unit is the signal strength meter built into the masthead unit itself. This enables you to rotate your T.V. antenna while you are up the mast to get the best signal strength before you clamp the assembly permanently in place.  No more climbing up and down the ladder to check T.V. reception! The masthead unit measures 100(W) x 90Z(H) by only 30(D)mm.  It has 2 x downward facing female ‘F’  type output sockets, with a drip shroud.  Two rubber boots are provided to waterproof cable entry to the unit. The masthead amp comes with a mains power supply which plugs into a power inserter.  The power inserter sends power up the mast to the amplifier and then provides a D.C. power free signal to your T.V. set.  All connections are by ‘F’ type connectors.  Apart from that, the kit includes mast “U” clamp, 9V battery power supply to show signal when installing and sundry other hardware.
• 4G LTE interface filter
• Coax line power
• Includes all mounting hardware, A.C. adaptor, injector box
Antenna Amplifier

Number of Inputs

1 pc

Number of Outputs

1 pc

UHF Gain

14 dB

UHF Gain

14 dB

UHF Frequency Range

470 MHz

UHF Frequency Range

694 MHz

UHF Noise Figure

7 dB

Amplifier Type


Input Connection

F Type

Output Connection

F Type

VHF Gain

16 dB

VHF Gain

16 dB

VHF Frequency Range

54 MHz

VHF Frequency Range

230 MHz

VHF Noise Figure

7 dB

Power from disposable battery

Size / Shape


Batteries included




Power from Plugpack

DC Plugpack Voltage

12 V

DC Plugpack Voltage

0 V

DC Current Draw

250 mA

DC Current Draw

0 A

Item Connection

Barrel Plug

Suitable PSU Included


Connection Size (Inner Diameter)

2.1 mm

Impedence Rating

Impedence rating

75 Ω

Ingress Protection Rating

Dust/Particle Ingress Protection

IPX - Not rated

Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection

7 - Immersion up to 1m

IP Rating


Product Dimensions


100 mm


90 mm


30 mm


100 g

Internal or Sub-part Dimensions


35 mm

Dimension details

Mounting Bracket Supports

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

21.4 cm

Packaged Width

12.4 cm

Packaged Height

5.7 cm

Box Contents

1 x UHF/VHF Masthead Amp

1 x Power Injector

1 x 9V Battery Pack

1 x Mains Power Adaptor

1 x U-Bolt

1 x Mounting Hardware

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