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Space Warrior Hexapod Remote Control Robot

Space Warrior Hexapod Remote Control Robot

  • CAT.NO: GT4239
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Space Warrior Hexapod Remote Control Robot

This is the remote controlled hexapod that scuttles through a home or office to launch devastating attacks of foam missiles. The six-legged, alien-like movement looks otherworldly in action, but easy to control from up to 30m away via the four-directional joystick on the remote.

The robot’s head spins 360º, aiming the all-important dart launcher mounted to its core. A trigger on the remote fires up to 12 darts in rapid succession until the target has been neutralized. When pitted against other combat creatures, skillfully directed missiles will knock protective armor off each combatant’s frame. Three shots to an opponent’s helmeted “battle brain” shuts it down completely.

Remote Control Vehicles

General Type of Vehicle


Skill Level


Special Functions




Wireless Transmission

Transmission frequency

2.4 GHz

Transmission range

30 m

Power from disposable battery

Size / Shape


Battery quantity

6 pc

Batteries included


Batteries can be replaced by user


Battery used for

Main Product

Battery used for

Remote Control

Power from disposable battery - Additional

Battery used for

Other (see details)

Battery quantity

3 pc

Batteries can be replaced


Size / Shape

SR54 / SR1130SW / 389

Battery usage extra details

Laser pointer aiming aid

Batteries included


Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

36.5 cm

Packaged Width

31 cm

Packaged Height

33 cm

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