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Programmable High Energy Ignition System

Programmable High Energy Ignition System

  • CAT.NO: KC5442
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Programmable High Energy Ignition System
Refer Silicon Chip
This is Silicon Chip's most advanced and versatile ignition system yet and can be used on both two & four stroke engines. The system can be used simply to intercept and modify the factory ignition timing or turned into a stand alone ignition system with remapped timing, electronic coil control and anti-knock sensing. The unit will trigger from a range of sources including points, Hall effect sensors, optical sensors, or the 5 volt signal from the car's ECU. Timing can be mapped against engine load and RPM and adjusted in step as small as 0.5°. Requires KC5386 and WC7502 with all pins connected.

> Timing retard & advance over a wide range
> Suitable for single coil systems
> Dwell adjustment
> Single or dual mapping ranges
> Two de-bounce settings
> Max & min RPM adjustment
> Suits 1 to 12 cylinder four stroke engines and 1 to 6 cylinder two stroke engines
> Optional knock sensing & correction
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