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Extruded Solar Panel Mounting Rail 1m Extruded Solar Panel Mounting Rail 1m HS8702 10.05
  • Extruded Solar Panel Mounting Rail 1m
Extruded Solar Panel Mounting Rail 1m

Extruded Solar Panel Mounting Rail 1m

CAT.NO: HS8702

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Finding hardware to mount your solar panels can require a bit of scrounging. We've always had the problem of deciding what hardware to stock, as we have so many different solar panel sizes. In response to requests from customers, we've arrived at a range of mounting hardware that is adaptable and modular to fit most applications - extruded mounting rails, brackets and joiners.

First, you'll need something to mount your panels on. We have two sizes of durable extruded aluminium mounting rails that can be mixed and matched to fit virtually any size solar panel with slots that accommodate mounting brackets. There are 1m and 2m sizes available and you can join them together to extend as far as you need to:

HS-8700 Solar Panel Aluminium Extruded Rail 2m
HS-8702 Solar Panel Aluminium Extruded Rail 1m
HS-8714 Joiner Bracket 80mm

After that, you'll need L-brackets to mount the rails to the roof. These come in packets of two.
HS-8704 L-Type Bracket Pk 2

Then you'll need some brackets to clamp your panels onto the rails. These come in two different sizes and two different types - 28mm for 65 and 80 watt panels, and 35mm for 120 and 175 watt panels; Z-type for clamping the end of each panel and T-type for clamping between two panels:

HS-8706 Z-Type 28mm Bracket Pk 4
HS-8708 Z-Type 35mm Bracket Pk 4
HS-8710 T-Type 28mm Bracket Pk 2
HS-8712 T-Type 35mm Bracket Pk 2

Warranty: 3 Months