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Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 10.1 12K Monochrome LCD

Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 10.1 12K Monochrome LCD

  • CAT.NO: 001201
  • MPN: 50.102.0106
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Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 10.1 12K Monochrome LCD

The 10-inch 12K Mono LCD screen is used for ELEGOO Saturn 3 & Saturn 3 Ultra resin 3D printer. 
With an amazing resolution of 11520x5120 and XY axis resolution of 19x24um,

The Mono LCD screen ensures that your 3D printed models are highly precise with stunning details and exceptional sharpness.

The Mono LCD screen comes with a 9H hardness tempered glass that protects the screen from scratches and damages caused by resin dripping or penetration, to prolong the LCD screen lifespan.

The Mono LCD screen has a service life of about 2000 hours, which is 4X longer than the traditional RGB LCD screens, providing a longer lifespan and greater value for your cost.

The Mono LCD screen features more stable performance and higher printing efficiency, providing reliability and consistency in every print. Less maintenance reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

The Mono LCD screen is easy to assemble, ensuring that you can quickly and easily install it into your 3D printer and start using it. (Please follow the instructions in the manual to install the LCD screen.

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