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Digital Mains Timer Switch Modules

Digital Mains Timer Switch Modules

  • CAT.NO: AA0362
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Digital Mains Timer Switch Modules
Ideal for automating your heating & lighting or practically any other switching application that requires multiple unattended switching cycles. The timer has eight on/off settings that can be programmed to function on any day, or combinations of days across the week. Each of the on/off settings can be set independently. For instance, setting one could turn on a heater at 7:00am and off at 9:00am each week day. Setting two could switch the same heater on and off at your desired times in the evenings. Setting three could switch the heater on and off on Saturday and setting four could control other on/off times for Sunday. Each on/off setting can be associated with a range of days from a single day to every day, thus giving 56 possible on/off cycles per week. The setting process is simple and intuitive. Two models available:

* 12VDC supply voltage. Switching capacity: 16A @ 240VAC/30VDC (Cat No. AA-0361)
* 240VAC supply voltage. Switching capacity: 30A @ 240VAC (Cat No. AA-0362)

Common Specifications:
> Manual override switch
> LED power indicator
> 7VA Power Consumption (approx.)
> Running Accuracy: =< 1 second / day
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