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Component Video to RGB Converter Kit

Component Video to RGB Converter Kit

  • CAT.NO: KC5388
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Component Video to RGB Converter Kit
Assembly Required
Ref: Silicon Chip May 2004. Top quality home cinema is increasingly common in many houses. The best quality picture currently available is Component Video. It is better than RGB, and outstanding against S-Video or composite. So if Component Video is the best on offer, how do you take advantage of it when your projector or plasma TV only have an RGB input? This unit will convert the Component Video signal from your DVD player etc to an RGB signal for input into your display device. It provides you with fantastic reproduction with minimal degradation. Kit supplied with PCB, case, silk-screened and punched panels, colour coded RCA sockets, 9VAC mains plugpack, and all electronic components.
Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

30 cm

Packaged Width

14 cm

Packaged Height

11 cm

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