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Elevate Your Camping Experience with Portable Fridge Accessories

Delve into the full potential of your portable fridge with our specialized accessories. Designed to enhance functionality and durability, these items are indispensable for any outdoor enthusiast. Featuring products like protective fridge covers and lithium batteries, each portable fridge accessory is crafted with an adventurous lifestyle in mind. Enhance your portable fridge's capabilities with these essential additions.

Maximizing Efficiency with Power Solutions

Our range includes power solutions like solar panels and battery accessories, key to optimizing your outdoor refrigeration units, especially in remote areas. These sustainable and reliable power sources keep your cooling devices running efficiently, essential for off-the-grid adventures. Compatible with an array of Brass Monkey fridges, find the perfect addition to your camping set up at Jaycar.

Shop Portable Fridge Accessories at Jaycar

Ensure the longevity of your portable fridges with our high-quality protective covers. These are engineered to endure various weather conditions, safeguarding your fridge from dust, rain, and sun damage. Extending the life and maintaining the appearance of your cooling equipment, these covers are a must-have. Browse our selection and consider pairing them with our versatile upright fridges and battery/solar powered fridge range.


What fridges are these accessories compatible with?

Our accessories are compatible with a wide range of portable fridges, including upright models and small portable fridges, ensuring you find the perfect match for your equipment.

What are the benefits of using portable fridge accessories?

Portable fridge accessories enhance durability, improve efficiency, and provide convenience, making them a great option for maximizing your outdoor refrigeration experience.

How do solar panels enhance my portable refrigeration experience?

Solar panels provide a sustainable power source, ideal for off-the-grid adventures. They ensure your fridge operates efficiently, regardless of your location.

Are protective covers necessary for my portable fridge?

Although not essential, protective covers will shield your fridge from harsh weather, dust, and potential damage, significantly extending its lifespan and maintaining its appearance.