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Enhance Home Security: Install a Smartphone-Controlled Camera Today!

Enhance Home Security: Install a Smartphone-Controlled Camera Today!

Updated April 2022

Remote Viewing

Install a camera you can control from your phone for a much more reliable way of checking up on your place than the CIA’s alleged telepathy experiments.

How often do you wish you could have a quick look into your home, just to check that everything is OK? Many wireless security cameras allow you to do just that. The two best things about WiFi-enabled cameras is that they are incredibly easy to set up, and are impressively adaptable.

● View footage and control the unit via your smartphone.

● Record directly to an onboard SD card with the camera in standalone mode.

● Connect the camera to a compatible security system to extend its functionality.

● Talk to whoever you’re looking at with cameras that feature two-way audio.

● Receive a push notification to your smart device in the case the camera detects motion and triggers the alarm.


How to set up a wireless camera

It takes three easy steps to install a camera that you can pan and tilt remotely to look at whatever you want to see. If you want the camera to record in standalone mode, you will also need to install an optional microSD card.

1. Install the camera in your preferred location and connect the power supply.

2. Download the app for Android or iOS and set up the camera on your WiFi network.

3. On your smart device, tap on the paired camera to access live view, scrolling controls and recording options.