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650VA/390W Line Interactive UPS with LCD and USB

650VA/390W Line Interactive UPS with LCD and USB

  • CAT.NO: MP5205
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650VA/390W Line Interactive UPS with LCD and USB
1 Year Warranty
USB 2.0
240V Mains Power

Critical systems should ideally be connected to some form of backup power in the event of a blackout, power surge or brownout. A fault at the grid may drop the voltage at the mains, which could cause some systems to shutdown, reset, lose data or worse, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage (both material and immaterial).

These line interactive units give you a good balance between real time system protection and power redundancy when mains electricity is down or experiencing reliability issues. During mains voltage sags both units will deliver a steady voltage, keeping critical systems running properly. For a total power blackout the units can keep your systems running long enough to save important data or cleanly shutdown connected devices. Other important features include an auto shutdown when no load is detected, audible alarms for low battery, self diagnosis on boot, and intelligent battery management.

Both models feature an easy to read LCD which displays battery and load values as a percentage and input/output voltages. At the rear of the unit are 2 x RJ11 sockets for Telephone/Fax protection and a USB socket for connection to your PC for use with the power management software.


• Short circuit protection: Yes
• Mains connections: 2 (input and output)

For all software compatibility check the installation disk.

Software Compatibility:32-bit64-bit

Volt Amps

650 VA


390 W

Nominal Backup Time

25 min

Computer Interface

USB 2.0

Switch Over Time

10 ms

Recharge Time

8 hr

Line Type


Output Waveform

Modified Sine Wave

Output Frequency

50 Hz

Phone/Data Filter



Basic LCD

Data/Phone Connection


Number of Batteries

1 pc

Recommended use

Home PC

Recommended use

Small Office Home Office

Backup Time - Light Load (~70W)

25 min

Backup Time - Moderate Load (~140W)

9 min

Backup Time - Standard Load (~200W)

5 min

Mains powered

Rated for AU Mains


Rated for US Mains


Mains lead included


Mains Voltage Range

180 V

Mains Voltage Range

230 V

Batteries and Battery Packs

Battery usage


Battery Chemical Composition

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

Amp Hour Rating

7 Ah

Product Dimensions


340 mm


95 mm


165 mm


5.5 kg

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

38.1 cm

Packaged Width

23.7 cm

Packaged Height

14.7 cm


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