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1500W (3000W) 12VDC to 230VAC Modified Sinewave Inverter

1500W (3000W) 12VDC to 230VAC Modified Sinewave Inverter

  • CAT.NO: MI5310

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1500W (3000W) 12VDC to 230VAC Modified Sinewave Inverter
This convenient mains inverter is perfect when you’re out camping, or anywhere else where a standard mains socket isn’t available. It provides you with a mains outlet for appliances such as laptops, stereos, computers, phone chargers, and other medium-large mains applications. It boasts all the safety features you need like overload and input reverse polarity protection, and connects directly to a battery via the supplied lead with alligator clips. 1,500W is plenty of power for many medium-large devices while 3,000W surge power provides support for essential startup loads.

• Quick Charge USB Port
• Includes Battery Lead with ring terminals
• Modernised Design, Portable and Easy Operation
• Surge Power: 3000W Surge
• Low Battery Alarm: 10.5±0.5V
• Low Battery Shutdown: 10.0±0.5V
• High Battery Shutdown: 15.5±1.0V


Output Wave

Modified Sine Wave

Standby Current

0.9 A

Thermal Shutdown Temperature

75 °C

Low Battery Shutdown

10 V

High Battery Shutdown

15 V

Output Frequency

50 Hz

Vehicle or Vessel Powered

Required Voltage

12 V

Required Voltage

12 V

AC Voltage Rating

AC Voltage rating

230 V

AC Frequency

50 Hz

Power Rating

Continuous Power

1 W

Maximum Power

3 W

Power Conversion and Transformation

Type of converter or transformer


Product Dimensions


360 mm


171 mm


74 mm


2.8 kg

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

43.8 cm

Packaged Width

23.5 cm

Packaged Height

13.2 cm

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