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We are proud sponsors of Warby Motorsport supporting David Warby with his dream of smashing the Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record.

David Warby is one passionate Aussie bloke and he has a personal mission to break this record with the help of his Aussie team.

It’s personal because David’s father, Ken Warby, is the current record holder. In fact, Ken Warby is the only man in history to design, build and drive a boat to an Outright, Unlimited World Water Speed Record, of a death defying, 317mph (511kph)!

This record was set back in 1978 and hasn’t been beaten to this day. Ken also holds another unbroken World Water Speed Record from 1977. We find this incredible, especially when you think of all the advances in technology over the last 40+ years.

We have a funny feeling Ken won’t hold the record much longer with David’s determination to make his dad proud as punch when he finally breaks it.

David has been putting his SPIRIT2 jet boat to the test on Blowering Dam in Tumut NSW reaching in excess of 400kph, making him the fastest man (who lived to tell the tale) on water in 35 years.

The Warby Team
The Warby Team with David Warby (front row 1st from the right)
The Warby Team
Dave Warby (left) with his Dad Ken Warby (right) at Blowering Dam

The big dream for David is to reach 560kph – that’s totally insane but something we can’t help but be a part of here at RTM and Jaycar!

Our late owner, Gary Johnston was very passionate about our involvement with Warby Motorsport to help David achieve his big dream.

Gary was delighted when RTM, followed by Jaycar, became official sponsors in 2018 and recounted watching intently as Ken Warby broke Donald Campbell’s record back in 1977 and set the current world record in 1978.

We continue to sponsor Warby Motorsport and support the team in developing custom solutions for the SPIRIT2 jet boat.

We’re right alongside David, his team and his SPIRIT2 jet boat as we patiently wait and watch as the dream gets closer and closer. On ya, Dave!

You can follow the Warby Motorsport team on their website and Facebook page.

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