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Useless Box Useless Box GT3706 42.90 In stock

Useless Box

CAT.NO: GT3706

Useless Box

CAT.NO: GT3706

A completely useless box.
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One mystical black box with a single toggle switch. Every time you flip the switch, a little finger pops out from the box and turns itself off. No one on this planet has yet figured out a use for this, hence the name ‘Useless Box’. There is one thing however that we did notice, this magical box leaves anyone who comes into contact with a mesmerised smile on their face.

Product Dimensions

Width 80mm
Height 140mm
Depth 75mm
Power from disposable battery - Additional

Battery used for Main Product
Size / Shape AA
Battery quantity 2pc
Batteries can be replaced
Practical Joke Toy

Does it do anything? No
Completely useless?
Toys and Games

Age group 15+ years

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