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USB Power Monitor Kit

USB Power Monitor Kit

  • CAT.NO: KC5516
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USB Power Monitor Kit
Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine December 2012

Plug this kit inline with one USB device to display the current that is drawn at any given time. Check the total power draw from an unpowered hub and its attached devices or what impact a USB device has on your laptop battery life. At the touch of a button the 4-digit LCD panel can display current, voltage or power. It is auto-ranging and will read as low as a few microamps and up to over an amp. It also features display flip-mode, mode memory and digital calibration.

Features & Specifications:
• Measurement modes: current, voltage, power
• Current resolution: 1uA (0-10mA), 1mA (10mA-1A)
• Voltage resolution: 10mV (4.5-5.5V)
• Power resolution: 10uW (0-10mW), 1mW (10mW-1W), 10mW (1-5W)
• Current precision: ±2.5% ±0.1mA (mA range), ±5% ±10uA (uA range)
• Voltage precision: ±2.5% ±10mV
• Power precision: ±5% ±0.1mW
• Load voltage drop: typically less than 50mV
• Power consumption: 5.3mA/26mW

Kit supplied with double sided, soldermasked and screen-printed PCB with SMDs pre-soldered, LCD screen, and components.
• PCB dimensions: 65 x 36mm

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