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Universal Windscreen "Sticky" Smartphone Holder

Universal Windscreen "Sticky" Smartphone Holder

  • CAT.NO: HS9052
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Universal Windscreen "Sticky" Smartphone Holder
A quick, easy and secure way to hold your phone as you drive. The special green silicon gel sticky material holds your phone in place so there's no need for custom phone bracket holders, working by sticking to the smooth surface of your phone/device. It's so fast too, just press your phone onto the sticky pad, and that's it! The sticky pad doesn’t leave any residue, and if it gets dirty it can be cleaned with just water to return to an as-new state. Easy!
Windscreen Mount
Includes a suction cup bracket that attaches to your windscreen, with an adjustable gooseneck arm to move your phone into position. The sticky phone end can also be rotated for portrait or landscape view.
Note: May not work with some phone covers. Requires a smooth, hard finish for the sticky to work
Computer / IT Adaptor

Casing Material


Product Dimensions


190 mm


67 mm

Additional Dimensions


125 mm

Dimensions details

Goose Neck

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

8.7 cm

Packaged Width

8 cm

Packaged Height

13.5 cm

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