Top Wi-Fi Gadgets

Top Wi-Fi Gadgets

5 handy Wi-Fi devices you're sure to love.

With continual advancements in technology, scores of great Wi-Fi products are coming out at top speed. Here are some of the best Wi-Fi gadgets from Jaycar that may have passed you by.

Be Surveillance Savvy
This security camera can stream video via your smart assistants (if they have screens) and triggers recording when it detects movement or heat – it even has face recognition.
Why we're fans: The wide 180-degree viewing angle means you're not forking out a fortune on more cameras to cover blind spots.
When it'll save the day: Got your hands full in the kitchen? Use the two-way audio to tell your guests to come in, or ward off an intruder without a face-to-face encounter.

Get that Aerial Shot
This agile drone lets your filming take flight as you watch a live feed of the HD camera from the ground. Take-off and landing are easy, and you can control it from up to 60 metres away.
Why we're fans: The 'return home' function ensures it doesn't drop out of the sky when the battery dies, and the rotor arms fold in for compact storage.
When it'll save the day: You're uninspired by the photos you've taken on your iPhone camera and want to capture your favourite holiday spot from a different angle.

Support Your Signal
Give your laptop or PC a performance boost and increase signal strength with this Wi-Fi adaptor.
Why we're fans: Its smart antennas will give your device a truly speedy upgrade. Your Wi-Fi range will increase, which means you'll have a strong, stable and reliable hotspot.
When it'll save the day: If you're in the middle of an online game and your computer's Wi-Fi card isn't pulling its weight, just plug this in and play on.

Control the Ambience
Lighting really sets the mood, and these LED light strips let you take control without even having to leave your seat. Use an app to adjust them from warm yellow to cool white.
Why we're fans: They look great in entertainment areas, exhibition spaces and display cases, plus can be easily controlled from your smartphone or via voice commands using your Google assistant or Amazon Alexa.
When it'll save the day: If you're studying and want to stay alert, amp up the cool white light, then adjust it to a warm yellow when kicking back with friends.

Command Your Appliances
This smart mains powerboard lets you control up to four mains appliances from an app (or by voice with a smart home assistant). Schedule your heater or fan to power up before you come home or turn on the radio or lights from the couch.
Why we're fans: Smart products can be costly, but this lets you easily transform up to four regular appliances into smart ones.
When it'll save the day: You're spending a weekend away and you want your house lights to turn on at preset times to make potential burglars think someone's home.

-Updated May 2022

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