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Top Father's Day Buys: The 5 Best Father's Day gifts

Top Father's Day Buys: The 5 Best Father's Day gifts

Updated July 2020


Top Father's Day buys

The 5 best Father's Day gifts that'll win you some serious brownie points.

Is your old man a bit of a tech head? Good news, we've rounded up some great tech gift ideas that are so much cooler than socks and chocolate.

Waterproof his beats
Come rain or shine, endurance is paramount to this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. If Dad's into fishing, boating, outdoor BBQ's or pumping music poolside, this is a unique Father's Day find.
 Why we're fans: Pop off the silicone cover and one speaker becomes two, giving you stellar left and right audio and 360° sound.
 When it'll save the day: Dad's taken the dingy out fishing and the ocean's become choppy. Instead of worrying about his speakers getting splashed, he can focus on his rod and keep the tunes coming.

Power his campsite
This portable power centre is a must-have for all camping enthusiasts. Charge it from 240V mains, solar energy or a car adaptor and enjoy independent AC and DC power at the campsite.
 Why we're fans: It's a multipurpose power bank with 42,000mAh capacity, featuring 3 USB charging points and a bright LED inbuilt camping light.
 When it'll save the day: Dad wants to heat up some snags in his camp oven, charge his phone and keep the lights running at the same time – this delivers power to each appliance simultaneously.

Secure his car
If Dad's car is his prized possession, ramp up its security with this vehicle tracker. Not only does it let him know its whereabouts in real-time via a smartphone, tablet or PC, it also has a built-in microphone so he can hear what's going on inside.
 Why we're fans: Get GPS coordinates sent to up to three phones and disable the engine remotely with the engine kill function.
 When it'll save the day: Dad's car's missing, and he isn't sure whether he forgot where he parked it or if it's been stolen. He can pull out his phone and find out exactly where it is.

Smarten up his home
If Dad already has an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home, this smart plug will allow him to control any appliance using his voice.
 Why we're fans: Via the Smartlife app, Dad can check how much energy his devices use and schedule them to turn on and off as needed.
 When it'll save the day: Dad can plug his kettle in and schedule it to power up each morning while he gets ready for work. By the time he needs a caffeine hit – the jug will be boiled!

Help him create amazing stuff
From creating accessories, everyday objects and home decor, a 3D printer at home opens up a world of possibilities. Dad can control print jobs from the cloud using FlashCloud or Polar Cloud and monitor them remotely with the built-in camera.
 Why we're fans: It's lightweight, compact and quiet, making it great for home or commercial use.
 When it'll save the day: Dad's lost his zipper pull handle on his favourite jacket. Not to worry! He can now 3D print himself a new one.