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Jaycar Electronics Group: Proud Corporate Partner of The Bayard Foundation

Jaycar Electronics Group: Proud Corporate Partner of The Bayard Foundation

Updated April 2021

Bayard Foundation: Our Corporate Partner

Introducing The Bayard Foundation... Our Corporate Partner

The Jaycar Electronics Group is a proud corporate partner of The Bayard Foundation, a not-for-profit charity dedicated to helping those in need.

The Private Family Foundation, founded by Philanthropists Gary and Kerry-Anne Johnston in 2018, helps create opportunities within the community for those in need through funding and grants.

The mission for The Bayard Foundation is to support the community, make a difference, create programs and research opportunities, and back new ways of thinking.

So, why is The Jaycar Electronics Group a Corporate Partner? Well, the link lies with the late Gary Johnston, Founder and General Manager of the Jaycar Electronics Group and founder of The Bayard Foundation. Gary and his wife Kerry wanted to find a way to support charities and people in need and The Bayard Foundation was created to serve this purpose. It was Gary’s way of giving back to the community, and the Jaycar Electronics Group will continue the partnership.

Gary’s connection was well known with the Jaycar brand however his Philanthropic work alongside Kerry-Anne Johnston was relatively unknown, even to the staff of the business arm. The Bayard Foundation continues, in his legacy, with the same passion to support the Arts, Sport and Charities within the community both in Australia and overseas.

This introduction gives The Jaycar Electronics Group the opportunity to highlight and recognise the work that The Bayard Foundation undertakes to support the community. You can find more information about the charity on their website"