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Tef-Gel 10ml Tube

  • CAT.NO: NA1040

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Tef-Gel 10ml Tube

This product is far superior to a similar product we sold last year. Its main use is to prevent dissimilar metals when fastened together from corroding due to galvanic action. For example, you fasten down a stainless steel sail track slide to the metal deck of a yacht; you use this product to prevent dissimilar metal electrolytic corrosion. That's all the other product was good for. This product also stops rotating objects from seizing and prevents galling in stainless steel screw fasteners. It also protects electrical terminals/connectors.


•    Will not cold flow or dry out
•    Is resistant to salt water and detergents
•    Has an indefinite shelf life
•    Contains PTFE (Teflon®) and NO (0%) volatile solvents, no silicone, or petroleum solvents. Nothing to evaporate
•    It is dielectric (Non-electrical conducting)
•    No known hazardous ingredients
•    High flashpoint
•    Non toxic

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Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

11 cm

Packaged Width

17 cm

Packaged Height

1.5 cm