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Speaker Cabinet for JV60 Speaker Kit

Speaker Cabinet for JV60 Speaker Kit

  • CAT.NO: CS2562
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Speaker Cabinet for JV60 Speaker Kit
*** Speaker kits are back!! ***SPEAKER CABINETS ONLY!
With the return of the Vifa drivers to the Jaycar range, we are proud to re-introduce the ever popular JV60 speaker kit. This time around, we have spruced up the cabinet design to bring it in line with modern slender home theatre styling, but have otherwise kept the superb design untouched. We've also turned back the clock on inflation, and brought them in at a price well below what was asked in the past.

Let's wind the clock back almost 10 years and remember what was. By combining the excellent design and build of the Vifa components with some good ol' Aussie ingenuity, the JV60s offered a level of sound quality that punched well above their price weight compared to many imported European speakers of the time. Well, not much has changed since then. The JV60s still outperform plenty of well known European brands that still command inflated price tags often 4 times as much. Still today, it remains a sad fact that loudspeakers are often the weak link in an audio chain - perhaps due, in part, to their generally inflated commercial price tags. By investing a couple of hours of your own time to build this superb system to compliment most mid-powered amplifier/receivers, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, over commercial (and as mentioned, often inferior) equivalents. The fact that customers and staff have been begging for their return for years is testimony enough that hundreds of music lovers were very satisfied with their JV60s. It's unfortunate but not by choice we stopped selling the JV60s - but now we can turn back the clock and bring affordable, high quality audio into the homes of hundreds more aurally pleased customers!

Power Handling: 150Wrms

• Woofers: 2 x 6.5 Vifa P17WJ cast magnesium basket, mineral filled polycone woofer
• Tweeters: Vifa D25AG aluminium alloy diaphragm, Ferro fluid cooled tweeter
• For specifications on individual drivers, please see:
Cat. No. CW-2106 Vifa P17WJ 6.5 Woofer, page ***
Cat. No. CT-2020 Vifa D25AG Tweeter, page ***

• 3-way, Linkwitz-Riley filter with polyswitch protection and impedance equalisation
• Tweeter: high pass, 12dB/octave at 3500Hz
• Mid-woofer: low pass, 6dB/octave at 3000Hz (greater when combined with driver's natural roll off)
• Sub-woofer: low pass, 6dB/octave at 200Hz (provides 3dB boost to frequencies below 200Hz)

• Bass reflex design with corner frequency of 35Hz
• 1090(H) x 250(W) x 260(D)mm (50L internal volume)
• pre-built with all holes cut
• Finished in blackwood veneer

Cat. No. CS-2560 JV60 Speaker Kit w/Crossovers & Accessories - Pair
Cat. No. CS-2562 JV60 Prebuilt Cabinets - Pair
Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Volume

211.584 l

Packaged Weight

28 kg

Packaged Qty

1 pc

Packaged Type


Packaged Length

114 cm

Packaged Width

32 cm

Packaged Height

58 cm

Packaged Hangs


Package Stands


Package Stacks


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