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Single RCD (Safety Switch) Outlet

Single RCD (Safety Switch) Outlet

  • CAT.NO: MS4013

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Single RCD (Safety Switch) Outlet
1 Year Warranty
240V Mains Power
RCDs (residual current devices), also commonly called safety switches, are designed to cut the power in a fraction of a second in the event of a fault condition, thereby preventing electrocution. The electrics in your house may be too old to have RCDs installed, or you might want to use a power tool outdoors on an outlet that doesn't have an RCD fitted - use this handy portable one instead. Buy one right now if you don't have RCDs already - it's a lot cheaper than a funeral.

Note: RCDs are not a substitute for common sense around mains electricity. While they will work in most situations, they may not in some cases and are not a substitute for current overload devices such as fuses and circuit breakers. Wiring, appliances, leads and power outlets must always be maintained in a safe condition.

• Test function
• Reset button
• 10A 240V rated
Mains powered

Rated for AU Mains


Mains Max Current

10 A

Max Input Power

2500 W

Mains Voltage Range

250 V


50 Hz

AC Current Rating

AC current rating

10 A

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

9.4 cm

Packaged Width

20.3 cm

Packaged Height

7.4 cm

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