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Rubber Fan Mount - Long

Rubber Fan Mount - Long

  • CAT.NO: YX2528

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Rubber Fan Mount - Long

If you want to build a quiet or silent PC, it's important to address the issue of vibrational or secondary noise that can occur when fan motors vibrate and transmit their vibrations to the PC case. This is particularly problematic when fans are screwed tightly to the chassis.

To combat this issue, Digitech has designed and produced unique Ultra-Soft Fan Mounts specifically to reduce fan-induced vibrational noise. These mounts provide a "no-vibration" alternative to standard fan screws or hard plastic push pins.

To prevent the transmission of vibrations from fan motors, it's necessary to decouple the vibrating part from the case and dampen the vibrations. Made from an ultra-soft silicone polymer that is effective at achieving both of these goals. By using these fan mounts, the fan is decoupled from the case and unwanted vibrations are attenuated, resulting in a quieter PC overall.

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999 mm

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0.20026 l

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0.012 kg

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Bagged with Header

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15.5 cm

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7.6 cm

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1.7 cm

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0.06547 l