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Rapport CCTV Field Tester

Rapport CCTV Field Tester

  • CAT.NO: QM3823
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Rapport CCTV Field Tester
CCTV installers often need to carry a variety of test tools. The Rapport CCTV Field Tester combines the most-needed tools in one package, reducing the need to juggle tools and equipment while you're up the ladder. As well as performing multimeter functions, it will test the quality of a video image signal and display it on the 3.5 LCD and will also conduct an level test of the image and display in volts or IRE units. In addition, it outputs a RGB colour bar so you can test a monitor or DVR. You can also test and diagnose a PTZ controller - it determines the protocol and helps find any faulty devices. The cable tester checks the integrity of Cat 5e UTP cable and tests for continuity or shorts. A built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery gives it complete portability.

• CCTV video monitor
• Video signal generator
• Video level meter
• Digital multimeter
• PTZ controller
• PTZ protocol analyser
• UTP cable tester

• Input voltage: 12VDC
• Charging time: 6 hours
• Video: NTSC or PAL
• Level: 1Vp-p, 140 IRE
• PTZ test transmission speed: 2400 - 38400bps

Multimeter specifications:
• DC voltage: 400mV - 300V ±2.5%
• AC voltage: 4 - 300V ±2.5%
• Resistance: 400ohms - 40kohms ±3%
• Dimensions: 88(W)125(H) x 40(D)mm

Please download our manual below.
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