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Power Line Ethernet Adaptor

Power Line Ethernet Adaptor

  • CAT.NO: YN8352
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Power Line Ethernet Adaptor
Sometimes the only effective way to share Internet throughout your home or office is through the use of Cat5 cables. Depending on the distance of the run, locations and the number of machines you need to connect, a seemingly simple setup can soon become complex, unsightly and a potential safety hazard. Not anymore. Plug this PLC adaptor into your AC power socket and connect it your modem by a Cat5 cable. To establish a connection on the other end do the same, instead connecting the adaptor to a client device such as your computer. For safety the adaptor includes an overload protector (rated to 20A) and a safety shutter. It's energy efficient, consuming less than 5W under full load and under 1W on standby.

• Supported protocols:
- LAN: 10/100 Base-TX, IEEE 802.3 az
- PLC: HomePlugAV 1.1, IEEE 1901
• Data transfer rate:
- PHY rate: up to 500Mbps
- TCP rate: up to 95Mbps
- UDP rate: up to 95Mbps
• Frequency band: 2 - 28MHz, 30 - 68MHz
• Security encryption: 128-bit AES with key management
• Ethernet port: 1-port 10/100 Ethernet
• Group/reset button: yes
• LED: power, Ethernet, PLC link
• Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C
• Operating relative humidity: 10 - 85% non-condensing
• Power supply: 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz
• Power consumption:
- Full load: < 2.4W
- Standby mode: * PLC modulation: OFDM (QAM 8/16/64/256/1024, 4096 QPSK, BPSK, ROBO)
• QoS (Quality of Service): Yes
• Max IGMP based IP TV streams: up to 16
• Transmission distance: AC wiring: up to 300m
• Max supported devices in a network group (active/total): 8/16
• Dimension: 75(L) x 55(W) x 36(D) mm

Note: Must be used on the same AC circuit (or phase) and connected directly to a general purpose outlet. Do not use this device with a powerboard, UPS or on different AC phases.

Phone: 1300 540 833
Operating hours: 11am-7pm, Monday - Friday
Mains powered

Rated for AU Mains


Rated for US Mains


Auto-select mains voltage



50 Hz


60 Hz

Network Infrastructure Hardware

Speed of Transmission

500 Mb/s

Maximum Cable Length

300 m

Power over Ethernet


Power from Plugpack

AC Plugpack Voltage

100 V

AC Plugpack Voltage

240 V

LAN Details

LAN Standard

100 Base T

Product Dimensions


67 mm


56 mm


31 mm

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Volume

2.0124 l

Packaged Weight

0.342 kg

Packaged Qty

1 pc

Packaged Type


Packaged Length

18 cm

Packaged Width

13 cm

Packaged Height

8.6 cm

Packaged Hangs


Package Stands


Package Stacks


Shipping Volume

1.994 l

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