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Night Light LED With Torch

Night Light LED With Torch

  • CAT.NO: ST3141
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Night Light LED With Torch
A product that smartly combines a night light and a 6 LED powered torch. The night light should be plugged into a vertical mains outlet with the torch docked in the induction charging cradle. The beauty of induction charging means you can quickly whip the torch out without unplugging, disengaging or switching anything on or off. When you remove the torch from the dock it automatically switches on (you can manually switch it off or enable flashing mode as well). The night light base emits a soft but adequate white glow and has 3 modes of operation. The ON mode will keep the night light at the full setting at all times. The OFF mode is self explanatory and the auto mode will adjust the night lights lumen power depending on the surrounding light.

• Torch dimensions: 143(H) x 40(W)mm
• Night light dimensions: 78(L) x 60(W) x 62(H)mm
Packaged Dimensions

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3.498 l

Packaged Weight

0.249 kg

Packaged Qty

1 pc

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Packaged Length

26.5 cm

Packaged Width

12 cm

Packaged Height

11 cm

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Shipping Volume

3.019 l

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