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Boost Your Signal: The Top 4 Strategies for Maximizing Network Coverage

Boost Your Signal: The Top 4 Strategies for Maximizing Network Coverage

Updated August 2023

The Fab 4 of Maximising Network Coverage

No matter your location or provider, these 4 products will help you improve and optimise your network coverage.

Working from home? Your bed-to-desk commute might only be 3 seconds, but the days become longer when your internet isn't up to speed. Fortunately, we've put together these 4 tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

Get a quality router
The bread-and-butter of speedy surfing. Tired of battling Wi-Fi dead zones and sluggish browsing? The TP-Link VDSL/ADSL AC1200 Modem Router has all the bells and whistles to obliterate slow speeds. Check availability.
 Why we're fans: Two radio frequencies means you'll be able to bypass any signal congestion on your network. The AC1200 has 4 antennas, giving you 10 times faster signal than conventional Fast Ethernet.
 When it'll save the day: With turbo technology, wave goodbye to slow internet browsing. Plus, you can connect to all smart home appliances without introducing any lag, making the most of your internet service.

Install a Wi-Fi extender
Need Wi-Fi like you need air? The N300 Wi-Fi extender offers a much-needed performance boost. Check availability.
 Why we're fans: As well as extending network range, it's a Wi-Fi access point for your wired network plus a router for your existing modem. You'll love the signal strength, and the integrated status LEDs make it super simple to see what's going on with your network.
 When it'll save the day: Family members hogging the best Wi-Fi spots in the house? This extender eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones to give everyone great Wi-Fi coverage.

Set up a mesh network
Get dependable internet right where you need it with the AC1200 Base and Satellite kit. Check availability.
 Why we're fans: For streamlined connections, simple network management and top-notch security, a mesh network is an overachiever. Get coverage up to 260 square metres (or more with additional satellite modules).
 When it'll save the day: No matter where you are at home, your devices will piggyback on to the best possible connection available.

Get a dedicated Wi-Fi dongle
"Want to supercharge your laptop reception, or get crystal clear connection to a desktop computer without a built-in Wi-Fi adaptor?" A compact, pocket-friendly device such as the Compact USB Dual Band Wi-Fi Dongle is essential. It's also a cost-effective way of getting older gear online, especially if it doesn't have dual-band reception. Check availability.
 Why we're fans: Windows and Mac compatible, dual band connection will give you efficient, steady access to just about any Wi-Fi signal.
 When it'll save the day: Want to work on your balcony or in your backyard? A reliable connection is a must-have. In your home office, it's a quick fix for when your internet is lagging. No wires, no connections – no worries.