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4 Must-Have LEDs to Transform Your Space

4 Must-Have LEDs to Transform Your Space

Updated February 2021

4 LEDs to brighten up your life

4 LEDs to brighten up your life

4 fun ways to jazz up your space with this versatile lighting technology.

With LEDs consuming up to 30 per cent less energy than fluorescent bulbs, it's no wonder we're now seeing them in all sorts of places – from TV screens and home applications to wallpapers and streetlights. Curious how they could benefit you? Here are 4 of the best uses for LEDs at home.

Light up the backyard
Whether you're hosting a backyard bash or planning a camping weekend, these flexible strip lights are a great solution.
 Why we're fans: Kit out your campsite or backyard with over 1,000 lumens of brilliant white light, all from the convenience of a 12V cigarette lighter socket.
 When it'll save the day: Setting up camp in the dark has never been so easy with these durable and water-resistant LEDs. Plus, they feature a hook and loop backing that allows you to attach them to tent poles and awnings.

Underwater illumination
Revamping your home décor doesn't have to mean buying more dust-collecting ornaments. Light up what you already have with these underwater LEDs.
 Why we're fans: With 12 different colours to choose from, adjustable brightness and 3 different light patterns, these lights will transform your indoor space.
 When it'll save the day: Wow guests with very little effort and draw the eye away from those areas you haven't had time to clean by adding a bit of LED flair to fish tanks, vases and other clear objects around the home.

See clearly in the car
Give your car interior an impressive upgrade with these groovy, colour changing LED strips.
 Why we're fans: You can alternate between 8 different colours and 4 different lighting patterns, plus even set them to change with the beat of your music.
 When it'll save the day: Next time you drop your keys in the gap between your seat and the door, you'll be able to see clearly without using your phone.

Brighten under the bed
Prone to stubbing your toes in the dark? Then these under-bed light strips are guaranteed to make life easier.
 Why we're fans: They're motion activated to emit a soft, warm glow and turn off after 25 seconds if no more movement is detected.
 When it'll save the day: If you need to get up during the night you'll be able to see your way around the room, or you can choose to leave them on for some bedroom ambience.