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Laser Etched "12V Power" Cover for Illuminated Rocker Switch

Laser Etched "12V Power" Cover for Illuminated Rocker Switch

  • CAT.NO: SK0920

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Laser Etched "12V Power" Cover for Illuminated Rocker Switch

These are the superb looking rocker switches that you have seen in the cockpits of the 70-100ft luxury motor cruisers recently. They would look great in your 4WD, RV, Caravan or any other application as well. The base switch supplied (rated at 12V 20A, 24V 10A) comes with a double-LED illumination (low in OFF, high in the ON position), a standard rocker cover and a standard range of decals to customise the switch to your application.  Typical decals are symbols for: windscreen wipers, horn, heater, etc; there are dozens of these decals included.

Also available are a set of special laser-etched covers with the following graphic symbols to really create a professional finish. You need to buy the basic switch (in blue, white or red illumination) and then the custom cover (if required.)

SK-0910 SPDT Rocker - White
SK-0912 SPDT Rocker - Red
SK-0914 SPDT Rocker - Blue
SK-0916 SPDT Rocker - Orange

Laser-etched rockers
SK-0920 "12V Power"
SK-0921 "Fridge"
SK-0922 "Aux Battery"
SK-0923 "Camper Power"
SK-0924 "Spot Lights"
SK-0925 "Horn"
SK-0926 "Rear View Camera"
SK-0927 "Inverter"
SK-0928 "Driving lights"
SK-0929 "Thermofan"

Electromechanical Switch

Switch Type

Switch Cover

Mechanism Material


Switch Colour Coded


Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

12 cm

Packaged Width

8.1 cm

Packaged Height

2.3 cm

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