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Engage Your Child's Curiosity with STEM Kits | Jaycar's Hands-On Learning Solutions

Engage Your Child's Curiosity with STEM Kits | Jaycar's Hands-On Learning Solutions

Updated September 2020


"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand." - Chinese proverb

Are you concerned with the length of time your child spends on their mobile or tablet? Are you worried that their over-indulgence in television could be negatively impacting how they learn and engage? Do you think your child would be interested in building a solar-powered grasshopper?

Exploration & experimentation
Our range of kits teach budding electrical hobbyists the principals of physics and electronics with a fun, hands-on approach. The kits are particularly great for kinesthetic learners who respond well to practical lessons and trial & error. Visual learners will appreciate the clear instructions and graphics. No prior knowledge of electronics is required, just a willingness to follow instructions, explore and experiment! The simplest kits can take a matter of minutes to construct - and the more complicated, just a matter of hours.

Creating a sense of accomplishment
All of our kits are guaranteed to entertain and create a sense of accomplishment, positively influencing self-confidence and self-esteem. Your child can choose to learn about generating 'green' power using solar, air, salt water, hydraulics and organic matter. They can build robotic arms, vehicles and animals with infrared or artificial intelligence. If they're keen on learning more, we have introductory kits that teach the basics of electronics, introducing terms like resistors, diodes and Morse code. It's likely you'll appreciate not just their newfound knowledge, but the pride they feel in having completed the project - with or without your help! They'll definitely be eager to show off their achievement to family and friends.

Kits for young ones
electronics Snap project kits range are delightfully straightforward and great for younger learners (just 6+!!). Parts simply snap together so screws and soldering aren't necessary. The parts are reusable, with many of the kits in this range offering multiple projects to build and experiment with. Simply clip the coloured pieces, lamps, fans, magnets, motors, wheels and speakers together as per the easy-to-follow instructions. Most of the projects require AA batteries (sold separately).

Building a better world
Jaycar's alternative energy kits offer valuable lessons on energy efficiency and how it can complement our everyday lives. Budding scientists can tackle solar-powered robots, helicopters, bottle yachts, bugs, zombies or cars, then move outside to see their build come to life. An air powered car kit can be assembled in less than four hours, then provide many more hours of battery & petrol-free fun. If children are interested in organic matter they can learn how to generate power from a potato, lemon, or tomato with the 
Potato Clock. Energy efficiency and sustainability are going to be huge issues for younger generations - these kits will help them understand how they can make a difference.

Something for robot lovers
The robotic construction kits - such as the
Apitor Robot X 12-in-1 Programmable STEM Kit and the Apitor Robot S 10-in-1 Programmable STEM Kit - are slightly more complicated and perfect for older kids.. A fair amount of hard-wiring and mechanical assembly is required, as is the ability to read and interpret instructions. Another robot in the range uses artificial intelligence and infrared technology to behave exactly like a wild or pet lizard! All kits include everything required to complete the build with the exception of any required batteries, and some basic hand tools you likely have lying around the house. Robotic construction kits take a little longer to complete, and require a fair amount of determination and patience, but the effort is rewarded!

A program for electronics enthusiasts
Short Circuits is Jaycar's engineer-designed electronics learning system. 
Short Circuits Volume 1 includes 20 battery-powered projects which require no soldering, including construction of a sound FX unit, light chaser and solar-powered radio. The kit includes the instruction book, baseboard and all the required components to complete each project. Once basic skills are developed, students can embark on the more complex Short Circuits Volume 2 offering 22 projects to choose from (project parts sold separately). With the help of a soldering iron and multimeter, users can construct a bionic ear, electronic organ, Knight Rider light scanner and much more. Once students are confident with the projects in Volume 2, they can move onto the 30 projects detailed in Short Circuits Volume 3. They'll develop a thorough understanding of circuit design and how this can be applied to further complex projects found in hobby magazines. Low-cost intercoms, train sounds, guitar distortion kits and regulated 12VDC power supplies are just some of the projects to be undertaken.

Our kits range ensures there's something for everyone. Engage with your child by getting involved and work on a project together. You'll both exercise the left and right sides of your brain, use your logic and intuition, and flex those analytical and creative faculties!

Come in store or explore the range online. Remember our staff are always available to provide advice and make sure you have everything you need.