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Our brand new purpose built high tech warehouse facility at Eastern Creek, NSW operates completely on green energy since the installation of a serious 800kW solar solution on the roof.

Given the size of the solar installation we are registered as a power station with the Clean Energy Regulator, something we are quite chuffed about!

If you are wondering how big that is, it equates to a whopping 2,850 solar panels!

To give some perspective, the average size solar installation on a house is 6.66kW with roughly 20 solar panels.

The Roof
Installation in progress

The installation, commissioned in late September 2020, is capable of providing enough energy to serve all the automation in our warehouse. This includes cranes, robots, conveyors and electric forklifts. It also provides enough energy for the office and server room.

So far the solution has produced 268MWh of clean energy with the monthly totals peaking at roughly 35MWh.

That isn’t the end of our solar installation either, we have capacity to expand the solution in line with our planned expansion of the automation at the facility.

We’ll keep you updated here on any additions to our solar installation.

In Progress and Satellite Photo
From above
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