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We’ve Sponsored the Creator Academy & We're Feeling Inspired!

We’ve Sponsored the Creator Academy & We're Feeling Inspired!

Updated June 2021

Jaycar Electronics Sponsored Creator Academy for CA Phoenix Tech

We are really excited to have partnered with Creator Academy as a Team Digital Sponsor for CA Phoenix Tech!

Creator Academy is a dedicated coding and robotics school in Sydney founded by the enthusiastic educator Garry Law.

Creator Academy isn’t your usual robotics school however, the 1000+ students who attend classes learn about coding, robotics, drones and 3D printing. They also get the opportunity to participate in local, national and international science competitions with students previously representing Australia in Texas, USA and the Asia Pacific!

The team in production

The team in production

We have sponsored CA Phoenix Tech, a student team from Creator Academy consisting of eight members from school years five to eight, who participate in robotics and science competitions across Australia.

In fact, this team has been competing in robotics competitions since 2019! They came 4th overall in the Australian National Championships in 2020, and plan to participate in the Asia Pacific Championships in July this year.

Participating in such competitions is an amazing opportunity for these talented students however it’s an expensive pursuit for their families.

Our sponsorship strives to support these students in pursuing their STEM goals by helping cover costs for uniforms, training, equipment, and travel for competitions and research during the CA Phoenix Tech robotics season.

The Creator Academy team

The Creator Academy team

Students will shortly undertake a research excursion as they tour the Metro Sydney Control Centre to learn about driverless trains and train safety.

We’ll introduce the team to soldering, something that can work hand in hand with robotics building, in one of our Learn to Solder workshops to be held later in the year at our Broadway store in Central Park Mall. For more info on Jaycar workshops head over here: Jaycar Workshops

The journey ahead for CA Phoenix Tech looks to be full of fun and hard work as they prepare for some serious STEM competition!

We hope the team’s hard work is rewarded in their competition entries, their work so far has inspired us and we are keeping a keen eye on their achievements.

If you would like to learn more about Creator Academy, please see the links below:

Update 1/11/2021

Creator Academy's team Phoenix Tech will be competing in their regional competition this Saturday 6/11 in their brand new Jaycar uniforms. They look fantastic and ready to compete even during preparation.

Good luck CA Phoenix Tech, we can't wait to hear how you go!

CA Phoenix Tech

Update 8/11/2021

The results are in, Creator Academy's team Phoenix Tech won the Champions Award in the regional tournament! The video below of the team’s reaction to the announcement was priceless!

We’re so proud of these very talented robotics students who are now focused on the Australian National tournament, wow! We wish you luck.

Update 4/3/2022

CA Phoenix Tech's trophy has pieces!

The team of students received their Champions Award trophy from the First LEGO® League's Cargo Connect Regional Tournament last year. The trophy arrived in the mail but first the students had to assemble it from LEGO® pieces. What a cool trophy!

Well done CA Phoenix Tech, another trophy for the collection. Wonder what you'll get up to this year?

Champions Award trophyFirst LEGO® League's Cargo Connect Regional Tournament