How to code a Codey Rocky robot

This smart robot helps kids bring their ideas to life through coding. Here's how to get started.

A Codey Rocky robot kit is a great way to introduce kids aged 6 and up to the basics of coding and AI technology. Through playing and creating, they'll learn an advanced practical language – Python code – and have fun doing it!

What you'll need
Makeblock Codey Rocky robot kit
Makeblock app
Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC of your choice

What your kit includes
Codey – the detachable mainboard that is controlled via code.
Rocky – the car that can carry Codey anywhere you want.

Getting started with Codey Rocky

Step 1
To begin, pick up your smartphone and download the Makeblock app via the App store or Google Play.

Step 2
Tap on your app to open it. A dialogue box will open requesting permissions for the Makeblock app. You will need to tap 'Allow' in order to continue.

Step 3
After the introductory screen. A menu will appear asking you to select your device. Scroll through the list until you see Codey Rocky. Tap on this to select it.

Step 4
The Codey Rocky menu will open to reveal 3 different functions: 'Drive', 'Draw and Run', and 'Code'. Here, we'll show you how to use the 'Drive' and 'Code' functions on a smart device.

Using the Codey Rocky 'Drive' function

Step 1
In your app, tap on the 'Drive' function and a white, 'Disconnected' dialogue box will pop up. Turn your Bluetooth® on, tap 'Connect now' and hold your device near Codey. It should connect automatically.

Step 2
Once you're connected, a screen will appear with some basic functions. The 6 coloured icons on the right allow you to control Codey's emotions. Make Codey happy, sad or angry by tapping on these functions. You can also draw a custom expression for your Codey by tapping the oval field containing Codey's eyes, which is located above the 6 emotion icons.

Step 3
The on-screen joystick is the white circle on the left of the screen. This allows you to move Codey Rocky in any direction, without programming, by tapping on and holding the on-screen joystick. Before experimenting with this function, place Codey Rocky on a flat surface – now see what it can do!

Using the Codey Rocky 'Code' function

Step 1
The 'Code' function is a basic game that teaches the fundamentals of Scratch coding, with an option to progress to Python. Navigate back to the 'Code' function on the main screen and tap it. You will then see the 'Codey basic' screen, which you can tap again. This will take you to the tutorial page.

Step 2
Hit 'Start' on the first tutorial and wait until it has loaded. Connect your device to Codey by holding your device close and waiting until you hear Codey beep. Press 'Start', and you'll be guided through a Scratch code tutorial.

Step 3
To start with, we'll learn how to make Codey say 'Meow'. Drag and drop the coloured bubble saying 'Say Meow' into the location shown, then tap 'OK' and 'Go' (the arrow in the yellow box) when you are ready.

Step 4
Once you have mastered the tutorial, scroll across the different 'Event' icons, such as 'Nice to meet you', 'Sequence' and 'Loop'. As you progress, you'll unlock more and more functions, until all 10 are revealed. Experiment with them and have fun!

We're excited to see what else you've done with your Codey Rocky. If you've created one of these projects or something else altogether, share it with us at or tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

-July 2020

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