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Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Home Cinema Set-Up

Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Home Cinema Set-Up

Updated August 2023

3 Ways to Improve Your Home Cinema Set-Up

Take your viewing to the next level with easy ways to make your next family movie night seamless.

You've scored the prime spot on the couch, cracked open something cold and hit play, only to be met with stuttering video and system lag. It's a universally frustrating experience, and one we're ready to kick to the curb with these 3 ways to enhance your home entertainment.

Set up wireless AV senders
If you want to transmit audio and video through a wall, into another room or even to the garden, wireless AV senders have your back. Check availability.
 Why we're fans: Send pay TV reception and any other video source to any part of the house with 5.8GHz transmission frequency to ensure freedom from wireless network interference. Plus, it has a 60m clear line of sight and includes a wideband IR remote control extender, perfect for temperamental remotes.
 When it'll save the day: Watch TV wherever you like, even places around your home where cables can't run. With a no fuss set-up, you can send and receive between rooms quickly and conveniently.

Send HDMI over Ethernet
Our HDMI Extender with Infrared delivers high-quality video to a remote destination without a great deal of trouble. Check availability.
 Why we're fans: Achieve up to 50m transmission distance while still supporting up to 1080p 60Hz signals. Enjoy reliable audio with up to 7.1 surround sound. Plus, you can extend your signal to a secondary screen while simultaneously using the original screen close to the signal source.
 When it'll save the day: A fab way to improve your home theatre set-up is to make sure you're never caught short on signal. Cat5e/Cat6 cables can carry transmissions long distances, which means they are able to send audio and video further than your standard HDMI cable.

Use a casting dongle
The 4K Wi-Fi HDMI Miracast Dongle is the ticket to smartening up your old telly, giving you the power to stream videos to it from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Check availability.
 Why we're fans: It's an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to wirelessly deliver the best Wi-Fi right to your television. This nifty gadget can be plugged directly into your TV's HDMI port and will support video resolution up to 4K Ultra High Definition. Plus, it supports Google Home and is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and Mac.
 When it'll save the day: Why squint at YouTube videos on your smartphone, when you can cast them straight to the TV without getting off the couch? Use your phone, tablet or laptop as a remote to screen mirror videos, music and webpages.

-Updated May 2021