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Heatshrink Tubing with Glue Lining 4:1 - 4mm x 300mm Pack of 6

Heatshrink Tubing with Glue Lining 4:1 - 4mm x 300mm Pack of 6

  • CAT.NO: WH5720
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Heatshrink Tubing with Glue Lining 4:1 - 4mm x 300mm Pack of 6

4mm Glue Lined Heatshrink - Dual Color Pack

Achieve Secure, Durable, and Streamlined Connections with a Touch of Color!

The 4mm Glue Lined Heatshrink pack is meticulously crafted for electronic enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals alike. With its dual-color feature of red and black pieces, not only does it ensure the safety and reliability of your connections, but it also aids in color-coded organization.

Key Features:

**4:1 Shrink Ratio:** This high shrink ratio ensures a snug fit over irregular or large components, providing optimal insulation and protection.

**Optimal Adhesion:** With an internal adhesive lining, these heatshrinks guarantee superior bonding, ensuring a watertight and durable seal.

**Dual Color Advantage:** The inclusion of both red and black tubes allows for easy identification and organization of your electrical connections.

**Premium Quality Material:** Made from high-grade material, ensuring maximum shrinkage, prolonged durability, and reliable insulation.

**Versatile Application:** Perfect for sealing splices, safeguarding components, and offering strain relief on cable terminations and joints.

**Uniform Size:** Each heatshrink piece is cut to a consistent 300mm length, ensuring steady performance.

Pack Contents:

- 3 Red Glue Lined Heatshrink Tubes (4mm Diameter, 300mm Length)
- 3 Black Glue Lined Heatshrink Tubes (4mm Diameter, 300mm Length)

Instructions for Use:

1. Select the right size of heatshrink for your connection.
2. Slide the heatshrink tubing over the area you intend to insulate.
3. Apply heat uniformly using a heat gun, ensuring safety and optimal shrinkage. Continue heating until the tubing shrinks and the adhesive flows, effectively sealing the connection.

Safety Note:

**Always use a heat gun** to shrink the product. Direct flames can damage the heatshrink and underlying components. Ensure the connection is cool before testing or applying force.

For trusted, aesthetically pleasing, and professional-grade electrical connections, opt for our 4mm Glue Lined Heatshrink. It's the ideal choice for various applications, from DIY endeavors to professional installations.

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