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Heat Powered Fireplace Fan

Heat Powered Fireplace Fan

  • CAT.NO: YX2400
  • MPN: VDSF614S

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Heat Powered Fireplace Fan

This fan evenly distributes the hot air rising upwards from your fireplace or stovetop to provide more effective heat circulation around the room. No batteries are needed! Simply sit the fan on a flat surface on top of the fireplace and it will automatically start to spin when the temperature exceeds around 60°C. The hotter it gets, the faster it circulates warm air throughout the room.

• Silent and efficient
• No batteries or electricity required

Product colour



Operating Temperature and Humidity

Operating Temperature

60 °C

Operating Temperature

345 °C

Product Dimensions


160 mm


210 mm


110 mm


650 g

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

19.2 cm

Packaged Width

13.1 cm

Packaged Height

23.1 cm

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