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GME AE4703B Radome UHF Antenna - 1.1m 6.6dbi Gain

GME AE4703B Radome UHF Antenna - 1.1m 6.6dbi Gain

  • CAT.NO: DC9066
  • MPN: AE4703B

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GME AE4703B Radome UHF Antenna - 1.1m 6.6dbi Gain
Made in Australia

This is for semi-serious off-road driving.  It is meant to be bull-bar mounted.  It features a medium coil spring base coupled to a very strong fibreglass whip mast that is actually 30mm (1¼”) diameter where it connects to the spring base.  The entire antenna is over 1.1m (3.5 feet) long.  Even at its top it is still 20mm diameter!

This is the sort of whip antenna that will not be broken by bush saplings, or other heavy undergrowth.

It comes with 4.5 metres of RG58 commercial grade coax and a screw-demountable UHF PL259 plug.  You can remove the plug to feed the cable through narrow openings, holes, etc and reassemble at the back of the rig later.

Many professional bull-bars will have a horizontal mounting plate and the base of this unit will go straight on via a ½” (13mm) hole.  Or you can use a heavy duty mounting bracket such as the DC3077 stainless steel unit.

Product Dimensions


1.1 m

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

1.27 cm

Packaged Width

11 cm

Packaged Height

4.5 cm

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