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Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Spoil Her at Home | Jaycar

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Spoil Her at Home | Jaycar

Updated May 2020

Our Top 5 Gifts for Mum

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re here to make spoiling her at home easy with our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

With many of her favourite stores closed, it’s especially hard to find Mum a gift this year, which is why we’ve put together some memorable, unique Mother’s Day gifts to make her feel special.

Get a clearer reflection
Our Dual Sided Magnifying Makeup Mirror makes makeup application a breeze. Check availability.

  • Why we’re fans: Mum can choose between 1 x magnification or 5 x magnification, with LED lighting for use at night or in poor lighting conditions.
  • When it'll save the day: A total timesaver, Mum can apply makeup or put in contacts with ease and efficiency.

Smarten up the house
Give Mum rule of the roost with the 7” Alexa-Home Smart Display. Check availability.

  • Why we're fans: Lightweight and portable with great battery life, this ultra-modern device suits all home décor.
  • When it'll save the day: Mum can put on her favourite tracks, find recipes and catch-up on news, as well as control smart home appliances – all without lifting a finger.

Upgrade her earphones
Don't let Mum settle for poor quality or outdated earphones. These Wireless TWS Earphones are the best of the best. Check availability.

  • Why we're fans: Rechargeable and compact with incredible stereo sound, they provide up to 3 hours of play/talk time and up to 60 hours of standby.
  • When it'll save the day: Pause and play music and take phone calls hands-free – perfect for exercise, general tasks and simply going about the day.

Keep things shipshape
Forget the elbow grease! This 180W Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater provides an unbeatable antibacterial deep clean. Check availability.

  • Why we're fans: Durable, stylish and well-built, this cleaner holds 2.5 litres of water in an industrial-grade, stainless steel bowl.
  • When it'll save the day: Disinfect baby bottles, clean out shaver blots, eliminate jewellery grime and more.

Ditch the eyestrain
Does mum love nothing more than throwing herself into a good book, sewing or craft project? Then this LED Illuminated Desktop Magnifier is the ideal affordable Mother’s Day gift. Check availability.

  • Why we're fans: Stylish and practical, this adjustable desktop lamp features a 100mm 3-dioptre glass lens, providing powerful magnification.
  • When it'll save the day: Mum can put it on her bedside table, workbench or wherever she fancies and enjoy daylight white light no matter how dark it is outside.