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Geiger Muller Tube

Geiger Muller Tube

  • CAT.NO: ZG6500
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Geiger Muller Tube
Detects alpha beta and gamma radiation. The operating range is 450 - 600 volts. It's around 40mm long and 15mm diameter. (All specifications subject to change) A full Geiger counter kit is described in a previous edition of silicon chip (refer to attached PDF). You can use the article as a basis for your project, a kit is not available. In the relevant Silicon Chip article some substitute parts are required as follows.

1N4936 = EZ8216
MTP3055E = obsolete part, Sub: ZT2277 = MOSFET STP16NF06 60V 16A TO220

• Alpha above 3.0 MeV
• Beta above 50 KeV
• Gamma above 7 KeV
Packaged Dimensions

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0.132 l

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0.042 kg

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1 pc

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8 cm

Packaged Width

5.5 cm

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3 cm

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