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Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool

Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool

  • CAT.NO: TH1950
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Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool
Crimping those tougher connecters can be pretty hard at times. This super-heavy-duty ergonomic crimper is designed to perform the same tasks as a normal crimper, but with 40-50% less handle-force required, and a pressure adjustment dial for variable actuation force. It uses interchangeable dies (available separately) that can be quickly and easily changed. Buy only the ones you require for each job! Dies available for telephone and network plugs, insulated terminals, BNC/TNC connectors to suit RG58/RG59/RG62 coax, and even F-type CATV connectorsto suit RG59/RG6 coax. An invaluable tool for the workshop or technician's tool-kit.
TH-1952 Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool DIES - 6P6C
TH-1953 Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool DIES - 8P8C
TH-1954 Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool DIES - Crimps
TH-1955 Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool DIES - BNC/TNC
TH-1956 Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool DIES - F Connectors
TH-1957 Ergonomic Supercrimp Tool DIES - Crimps
TH-1958 Non-insulated Crimp Terminals 22 - 12 AWG SMA/Fibre Optic
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