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5 Essential Hacks for Smoother Videoconferencing: The Ultimate Guide

5 Essential Hacks for Smoother Videoconferencing: The Ultimate Guide

Updated May 2022

5 Creative Ways to Use a Portable Battery Bank

A portable battery bank can get you out of all sorts of trouble. Here are five problems you can solve with one on hand.

These charging banks are incredibly useful and flexible. From keeping gadgets running to saving your bacon in an emergency, the right one is an essential accessory.

Keep your gadgets charged
small battery bank can get you by when your smartphone is running low on power. And while battery capacity on smartphones is steadily increasing, even a little one can get you out of trouble as it has enough energy to deliver at least half a full charge.

Larger capacity battery banks can be used to charge devices like tablets and often have multiple ports so you can give numerous devices a boost. It's also important to ensure the battery bank you choose is right for your device. Many new devices have USB-C ports so you'll want to make sure you have the right cables to connect a USB-C powered device to your battery bank.

Start your car
A flat car battery can be more than just frustrating - there may be times when it might even be dangerous. Luckily, a glovebox jump starter with battery bank can get your car started if your battery lets you down. Many battery banks can give your smartphone a boost via the built-in USB ports.

Keep the music playing
More and more of us rely on wireless headphones. And while they're convenient and comfortable, they also rely on battery power to keep running. While the latest versions of Bluetooth® are far more power-efficient than ever before, there's nothing more disappointing than hearing your song stop mid lyric or a podcast mid-sentence.

That's why it's worth investing in a compact battery bank to keep the audio coming. Just plug in the headphones' charging cable, let it recharge and get back to enjoying your tunes.

Party at the park
Music really elevates the mood of any outdoor gathering, which is why keeping your Bluetooth® speaker from running out of juice is so essential. But a speaker is useless without a charged phone or laptop to stream tunes from. Luckily, this large capacity power bank has multiple USB ports so you can charge your speakers and phone simultaneously, and once it's charged the party can keep on pumping when you're away from a power source.

Light it up
If you're out camping or you want to add some lights to your home without trailing cables all over the place, a weatherproof battery bank can be used to power an LED lighting strip. You can use a set up like that when you're camping, adding some light to a dim room or as an emergency light that you keep in the car.

So if you ever need power in a pinch, you certainly can't go past the convenience and ease of a portable battery bank. Invest in one of these and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!