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CombiPlus Inverter/Charger 24V 3000W

CombiPlus Inverter/Charger 24V 3000W

  • CAT.NO: MI5273
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CombiPlus Inverter/Charger 24V 3000W
The CombiPlus units have the same bullet-proof build quality as the SuperCombis, but have less sophisticated functionality for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. The CombiPlus is essentially the same as a SuperCombi, but does not have the DC load control functionality, DC generator input control, and does not have the internal timers that provide generator timing (to turn on/off and external generator) and doesn't have the timer to do off-peak charging of the batteries.

However, they still feature a powerful true pure sine wave inverter for the most sensitive electronics or the most demanding appliances. Just like the SuperCombi, the CombiPlus power output is still rated at 70°C, so you KNOW that you will always have full output power no matter what the prevailing temperature conditions are. The CombiPlus units also have a four stage battery charger able to deliver up to 140 amps. Solar panels can also be connected to the CombiPlus allowing the batteries to be recharged, giving you even more flexibility when mains power isn't available. Like the SuperCombis, these can be stacked for increased power or supply three phase if required.

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Two CombiPlus models available:

12V 1500W CombiPlus Inverter/Charger Cat No. MI-5270
24V 3000W CombiPlus Inverter/Charger Cat No. MI-5273

24V 3000W CombiPlus Inverter/Charger
Cat No. MI-5273


• Power sharing: 10A
• Auto transfer: 16A
• Stacking option: 5 units single phase, 15 units 3 phase
• Weight: 30kg
• Dimensions: 362(L) x 258(W) x 370(H)mm

• Output power continuous at 70°C: 3000W
• Output power surge: 6000W
• Standby current: -
• Input voltage: 9.5 - 16VDC
• Output voltage: 185 - 240VAC
• Output waveform: Pure sine wave
• Regulation: -
• Efficiency: 82 - 85%

AC Charger
• Input voltage: 200 - 250VAC
• Maximum DC ripple: <1.25VRMS
• Output charge voltage: 8 - 16VDC
• Charge current (main batteries): 70A
• Charge current (aux battery): 4A

AC Input Switch
• Thermal circuit breaker: 16A
• AC input fault detection time: 4 - 10ms
• Trip level mains to inverter: <180VAC
• Trip level inverter to mains: >187VAC

Solar Charger Module
• System voltage: 12 - 48V
• Max. operating voltage: 64V
• PV current: 45A
• Parallel connection (x 10 units): Up to 600A

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