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Clifford The Cricket Kit

Clifford The Cricket Kit

  • CAT.NO: KC5178

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$20.90 / Unit

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$20.90 / Unit

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$20.90 / Unit

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Clifford The Cricket Kit
Assembly Required
Batteries Included

Clifford is Horace's new cousin that hides in the dark and chirps annoyingly until a light is turned on - just like a real cricket. Clifford is created on a small PCB, measuring just 40 x 35mm and has cute little LED insect eyes that flash as it sings. Just like a real cricket, it waits a few seconds after darkness until it begins chirping, and stops instantly when a light comes back on. PCB, piezo buzzer, LDR plus all electronic components supplied.


Kit Form

Short Form (circuit only)

Tools required

Soldering Iron

Estimated Construction Time

30 min



Application Field

Clifford The Cricket

Kit Group

General Projects

PCB Width

36 mm

PCB Length

41 mm

Power from disposable battery

Batteries included


Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

20 cm

Packaged Width

10 cm

Packaged Height

3.5 cm

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