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Annual engineering & scientific catalogue

The 2020 Jaycar Electronics Engineering & Scientific Catalogue is now available!

• 548 pages
• Full colour on quality paper stock
• Over 7,100+ products
• Over 470+ new products
• Handy Tech Tips
• Comparison and selection guides • and much more

This year we decided to do a cover that speaks to what Jaycar is about - making something. As you can see we have a new RGB LED cube that you can build and run from Arduino. Click here for more information.

The Jaycar catalogue is a great tool to have around the house or office. You never know when you'll need to pop in to pick up a replacement switch, a soldering iron to fix up a circuit board, a certain USB cable to connect a PC peripheral. We grew our Brass Monkey fridge/freezer range and also introduced some new 3D printers that are suitable for beginners or for the hardcore enthuasist at heart. So grab a cuppa and flick through the catalogue and find what you need!

Love the front cover? Well, we have you covered with the offical Jaycar front cover desktop wallpapers in 1080p and UHD sizing.