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Whether you're working from home, returning to the office or just looking for something to do, there are lots of options to turn your downtime into fun time.

With a little help, your TV, smartphone or PC can be turned into a powerful gaming system that lets you enjoy your downtime and engage your brain.

Take your games with you
Whether you're looking for something fun to add to the office breakroom or a portable gaming solution to keep the kids happy on holidays, this retro gaming console is just the ticket. A 10-inch screen and controllers lets you enjoy a world of retro gaming. Just add a Raspberry Pi and RetroPie card then copy over some ROMs and you're good to go.
Why we're fans: Being able to take a real arcade game with you is the stuff of dreams. This will keep your crew entertained for hours on end.
When it'll save the day: You're looking for a fun project to entertain you as the rainy days become more frequent.

Add some augmented reality to your mobile games
Smartphone gaming can get tiresome if all you're doing is tapping and swiping on a screen. But you can add some augmented reality with this crossbow. It's compatible with iOS 8.1 and Android 4.3 or later. Just pop your smartphone into the holder and enjoy dozens of compatible games.
Why we're fans: Augmented reality has been slow to get a foothold in gaming. But these accessories will up the ante and make your games a lot more fun.
When it'll save the day: If you or your kids are restless at home or getting tired of your old games, augmented reality will keep them engaged and on their feet.

Keyboards and mice aren't all about work
Hit the right button the first time, every time with a gaming-ready mouse and keyboard combo. This gaming keyboard and mouse set boasts switchable blue backlighting, programmable keys and sturdy construction.
Why we're fans: The standard mice and keyboards that ship with most PCs are, let's face it, ordinary. But this combo will make both work and play a far more enjoyable experience.
When it'll save the day: Playing your favourite first-person shooter with friends or hosting a LAN party? This gaming keyboard and mouse set could be the difference between losing or emerging victorious.

-January 2022

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