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Mastering the Module Squad: A Comprehensive Guide to Arduino Modules

Mastering the Module Squad: A Comprehensive Guide to Arduino Modules

Updated August 2023

arduino modules

These top 5 input/output devices for Arduino will get your creative juices flowing.

Many Arduino enthusiasts would agree that one of the platform's greatest assets is its versatility. Along with how easy it is to obtain, share and write software, the spectacular variety of compatible modules make it possible for hobbyists to develop ambitious and sophisticated devices.

The diverse spectrum of input and output hardware does more than simply provide prototyping functionality for makers who wish to bring a new concept into reality. Thinking laterally about non-standard applications for these modules can also serve as a springboard for inspiration.

Here are five fab modules available from Jaycar, with some real-world applications.

1. Joystick module
This compact gamepad-style joystick provides X and Y axis inputs, for controlling anything from camera orientation to Arduino games to robotics. Plus, it has a tactile switch function!

2. RGB LED module
Use a PWM (pulse width modulation) output to make this LED module glow any colour you like by adjusting the balance of red, green and blue light it emits.

3. Laser diode emitter
Combine this red laser with the sensor below for an optical tripwire system, make a simple pointer to amuse your cat or transmit data by Morse or binary.

4. LDR sensor
This photosensitive LDR (light-dependent resistor) module has a range of applications from daylight sensing to touch-free switching.

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